quarta-feira, 19 de janeiro de 2011

Entrevista / Interview a King Khan ( King Khan & The Shrines )

Depois de Simon, membro dos Shrines, confirmar ao Musica Escrita a presença da banda no Festival Sudoeste, King Khan dá-nos esta entrevista exclusiva onde se fica a saber que "tocar no Barreiro Rocks com os Demon´s Claws e os Strange Boys foi como uma reunião de familia" ou que o grupo "espera lançar um album no final deste ano". You´ve been in Portugal last November at Barreiro Rocks. What memories do you keep about that concert? Nick Nicotine was a great host and I particularly loved that we got to play in a karate dojo. In Memphis, one of the places we always play was actually Elvis' Karate Studio. I was so happy to play together with Demon's Claws and the Strange Boys, it felt like a family reunion. I was also happy to see the audience was really into it. The performance in that particular gig was important in your decision to comeback in the Summer ? Portugal feels like unconquered territory for us. We have done many tours over the past 10 years and finally we are more than happy to come spread our soul music there. Sudoeste is one of the biggest Portuguese festivals. Expectations for that event..... Well I expect a bird to shit in Coldplay's mouths, a pregnant woman to give birth on stage and a tidal wave that forces the entire world to start living underwater. I would also like some oysters and vinho verde on the menu please. Three shows in our country on the last couple of months. It´s time to start looking for a house to live here ? If you can find me a house shaped like a giant octopus you have a deal. Do you have plans for a new album? Yes we are working on it now and hopefully have it out by the end of the year. A final message to your Portuguese Fans.... See you in the Summer!!!!

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