quinta-feira, 17 de março de 2011

Interview with Ash Smith from Secret Knives

Who are Secret Knives ?
Secret Knives is my solo recording project, but I get help from various friends when playing live (which we don't do very often). I do all the writing/recording myself in my bedroom.

Any major influences in your sound ?
It used to be mainly post-punk and shoegaze stuff, but now I'm more interested in ambient and electronic stuff and how I can marry all the things I like about those genres with more straight-forward pop music.

Do you have job, or spend all your time making music ?
Yeah I have to work, I definitely don't make any money from anythign music related... I stopped working this year to go back to full-time study though.

Being from New Zealand, the internet is an important way to promote your music in other countrys ?
Yeah it's really important, it's an important promotional tool no matter where you are. Like I can't afford to produce CDs or vinyl, so the internet is the only way I can pass my music on to people, even in New Zealand. I guess it makes it easier to promote it by yourself and I'm very much in favour of doing everything yourself.

You gave up "Affection" for free. How was the feedback ?
It seems to be pretty good, but it's probably not known enough to attract significant negative feedback. I guess if people don't like it they just won't talk about it...

Anything changed in your life after this release ?
Not really. Not yet anyway.

Working already in a new album ?
Yeah, I'm working on something but I don't know if it is an album or an EP or something else. I never stop making music. I don't have any songs yet though, I'm just playing around and doing experiments and seeing what comes.

Best gig you´ve ever played ?
We haven't played many shows so I don't have many to choose from... Camp A Low Hum 2009. It's a yearly music festival held a couple hours out of my city. It was the second show we ever played, but we've only played about eight. A few people who have seen us multiple times also say that was their favorite.

Any plans for a tour in Europe ?
That's hard to say, we have been talking about UK/Europe seriously for 2012, but won't know until later. I want to go next year to visit friends anyway. But i'm just focusing on this year at the moment. If we go overseas I'd like to have some new recordings and songs to go over with.

There are people in Portugal listening your album. How does it feel ?
It's really nice. I guess I never think about where in the world people are listening, but it's nice to know anyone can get it anywhere they are and that there is interest from all around the world.

What do you know about our country ?
Not much! I know it's next to Spain...

A final message for the Portuguese fans....
Thanks for listening and spread it around!

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