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Interview with Dark Mean

During this week, i intruced Dark Mean self-titled debut (dm), who´s going to be available next June. Anticipating that release, i´ve spoken with one of the former members of the band, mr. Mark Dean, and here is the exclusive interview to Portugal. Introduce us Dark Mean...... - The band is primarily 3 people. Billy Holmes, Sandy Johnston, and Mark Dean (me). I would say Michael Keire, our producer, is sort of like a 4th “honorary” member. We recorded the entire album at his studio and he put as much heart and soul into this project as anyone else. Who are your major influences ? - As a youngster, I grew up listening to a lot of Guns ‘n Rose… Axl was so terrifying and vulnerable at the same time. I liked that. We all love Neil Young. Sandy has a tradition of playing After the Gold Rush on Vinyl every time he goes to his cottage. Growing up, I know Billy was heavily influenced by Nick Drake. You can definitely hear it in his playing. Mogwai and Sigur Ros are also big influences. After two eps, finally a full-length. Tell us about the record..... - All three of us have lived in different cities throughout the recordings. I actually was living and going to school in Leeds, UK for the last two years. That is why it took 4 years to complete the album. At times is was difficult, sending ideas back and forth over skype, making decisions without being able to play them together and jam out the idea. But in retrospect, recording over such a long period of time allowed the songs to breath and evolve in ways they wouldn’t have otherwise. And it allowed us to tweak ideas once we were all finally back together. What´s your favorite song from "Dark Mean" ? - My favorite song on the album is “Acoustic”. The time signature is very tricky, making it difficult to find the right phrasing for the vocals. But one day in the studio, after I met this really sweet girl, it all came together, I wrote the lyrics and we recorded the track all in one take. When I hear it now, it reminds me of how I felt that day. You’re preparing a release party in Toronto. There are more tour dates on the list ? - We don’t have any concrete plans for shows after the CD release… it would be nice to catch the attention of a larger act and to get an opening slot on a tour somewhere. In fact, hopefully we catch on in Portugal and we can make a stop in Lisbon or anywhere in Portugal, for that matter. What have changed in your lives since 2007 ? - We all live fairly close to one another now (finally) which allows us to jam together and write new music. That is always the most exciting part of the whole process. Personally, I feel more confident writing music. I used to scrap ideas pretty quickly, but the positive feedback from the EP’s, and now the full-length, has given me a little boost of confidence. I pay more attention to the melodies bouncing around in my head. "Happy Banjo" is getting a good feedback in several places, including here in Portugal. How does it feel ? - It feels great to be recognized in places so far removed from Canada, like Portugal. We don’t have a record label promoting our music, so we are always delighted to see how far the music has spread on its own. We were very shocked to learn our two EP’s had been downloaded in over 100 countries. Who are you listening to at the moment ? - Right now I am listening to a band from Toronto called Wildlife. I promise your readership, once you have a listen, you will be hooked! http://www.myspace.com/wildlifemusic1 What do you know about Portugal ? - I know the Treaty of Lisbon amended the treaty of the EU. And I know that Portugal is beautiful and that I want to visit. Any final words for your Portuguese readers ? - Thank you for listening to our music. Hopefully I’ll see you on tour!

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