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Interview with Thorben Jensen ( Alcoholic Faith Mission )

After the presentation of the new ep from the Danish sextet AFM (running) and wrote about the US tour, "Musica Escrita" spoked with Thorben Jensen, one of the founding members of the band.
During the interview it´s possible to know that they are droping a new album next fall and working on an extensive European Tour.

Who are Alcoholic Faith Mission ?
Afm is a sextet consisiting of two founding members Sune Sølund (bass,percussion, vocals) and me (Thorben Seierø Jensen) (vocals, guitar)
Rest of the band is :
Kristine Permild (vocals, keys, percussion)
Anders Hjort (keys, accordion, piano, vocals)
Morten Hyldahl (drums, percussion, vocals)
Gustav Rasmussen (trombone, guitar, vocals)

I know that you chosed the name of the band in NY and the city is very important to you. Even more than Copenhagen ?
NYC will always be important to us. We love going there just to hang as much as we love going there as part of a tour. Is it more important than Copenhagen, not really. It's two very different cities. NYC is a major city where you can choose to get lost almost everyday. To get lost in CPH you'd really have to be an incoherent individual :-)

Who are your major influences ?
The candian indie scene that started around the turn of the century and has grown and evolved very consistingly throught this decade. Also with that came a Brooklyn sound that shed some light on a band like The National and spawned groups such as Grizzly Bear. Both are bands we hold in high regard. But not mentioning Toronto based Broken Social Scene would probably be almost blasphemic :-)

Your first albums had different editions in Japan. Any special reason for that ?
Well, our japaneese label wanted to do something different than release the same albums as the rest of the world. So they asked for some b-sides to add on to their editions.

"And The Running With Insanity" it´s the new ep. Tell us about him....
Once again we try to change the style a bit. So this time it's a lot more vocal focus, more acoustics and a bit more lyrical bite. But it is only an EP, mind you, and just a taste of what will come in the fall.

Why did you chosed that name for the record ?
The titel track of the album is Running With Insanity, and the song we decided to feature, so instead of coming up with something different we fidured it would be easier just to call it what ii was= "afm and the running with insanity ep" :-)

Do you think this is your best work so far ?
There definitely is some very exceptional moments, as far as the writing goes. but we always try to up the ante on musically. pushing our limits and basically just try to educate ourselves.

You have lots of people paying attention to your music at the moment.. How does it feel ?
GREAT! :-) it's nice to know that people are tuning into the vibe we create with our music. feels really awesome!

I know you still have jobs. It´s time to start thinking about leave them ?
Yes..., that's definitely on the chalk board. When it will be is a bit too early to say though, but hopefully soon.

You´ve been touring the USA recently. How it was to play there ?
It's always a special feeling touring a new country. Even though we've played the states a few times now, it's always a real pleasure coming back. The crowds are growing in numbers and accomodations are getting better and nicer :-)

Best gig so far ?
The best gig we've played so far was in Austin, TX at a club called The
Swan Dive. The place was completely packed and we played our asses off! That was a stellar experience.

What do you know about Portugal ?
Not much unfortunately :-(
We'd love to go there and play. We've heard good things from other bands, so hopefully we can go there soon (and learn more about Portugal :-))

Plans to play here someday ?
Yes, we're working on an extensive european tour, and we'd love to see Portugal on that as well

Any last words for the Portuguese readers ?
Keep listening those of you that are, and tell all you friends that AFM is the band to look out for this coming year! :-)

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