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Interview with David James ( Wolf Ram Heart )

Os Wolf Ram Heart preparam-se para editar o album de estreia (betrayalofhearts) e o Musica Escrita aproveitou a ocasião para entrevistar David James, o vocalista, compositor e produtor da banda norte-americana.
Aqui fica o texto em inglês ( podem ler a entrevista em Português no próximo Sabado ).

Introduce us Wolf Ram Heart.....
Hello. I'm David James, the vocalist, songwriter and producer for the group Wolf Ram Heart.

-Who are your major influences ?
I would have to say lyrically my biggest influences are Lennon and Mccartney, Syd Barrett, Scott Walker and Robert Pollard. Production and recording wise, Phil Spector, Brian Wilson, Brian Eno, George Martin and Geoff Emerick. Musically the bands or artists that have influenced me the most are The Beatles, Serge Gainsbourg, The Monkees, The Cure, The Beach Boys, Suicide, Pink Floyd, The Velvet Underground and Nico, Slowdive, The Moody Blues, Scott Walker, Blur, Guided by Voices and The Zombies. Lately I've been listening to a disturbing amount of The Xanadu Soundtrack.
Influences are a touchy subject and I always use the Beatles as a reference point in regards to what I allow in my songs. Individually they grew up listening to Fats Domino, Little Richard, Buddy Holly and Elvis Presley. As the Beatles, they later could go into a studio and make something like "Strawberry Fields" which is extreme art, removed and not derivative of their influences at all. I think today the craft of that is fading. I feel some musicians have become complacent and the idea of influences can easily become blurred with what actually ends up written and seems more like a watered down photocopy of something that worked than actual art which is really what music is to me and should be.

-Tell us about "Betrayal of Hearts", your first LP....
"Betrayal" is my baby. I have been in and out of bands throughout my life without actually releasing anything but a 7" single. This album is the overdue accumulation of all
that backed up creativity. I set out to make a modern classic that could stand out even as a debut amongst it's peers and not subscribe to any current trends or movements. It was a desperate feeling of all or nothing for me and because of that longing and commitment to create something timeless, I think anyone who listens to this record can feel that something special was going on.

-Living in different places, is it difficult to get the band together to record or play ?
I needed an escape from the city so I bought a country house and began the building blocks for the "Betrayal" record there. The group would on occasions have what we refer to as a band retreat weekend and knock a lot of the tracks out as well as rehearse for any upcoming shows that may be coming up. This past winter we moved our rehearsals back to the city due to the harsh snow covered country roads and it seemed to be an easier solution in preparing for our spring tour.

-You are currently on tour. How´s it going ?
We are lucky enough now that we can choose to only do weekends which at this time last year was very difficult to do. The shows lately are more high energy than anything we've done before due to us dropping a laptop from the live set and adding a very talented keyboardist who can handle the layers of upon layers of synthesizers and pianos that appear in the songs. I really thought we would have to get Rick Wakeman to pull us off live but things are coming along nicely.

-Best gig so far ?
Last week we were on a bill in Cincinnati with the bassist from The Afghan Whigs newest band and that was a wonderful surprise because they meant a lot to me growing up.

-David had a rare health problem when he was only nine years old. After all this time being part of a band is it a dream come true?
It was always my dream to release a record that was a part of me and have it become something much larger. A thing I created that goes out into the world and connects and reaches out to others in an almost spiritual way. I feel like I'm in the beginning stages of making some dreams a reality.

-At this moment, someone in Portugal is listening to your songs and sending some questions to you. How does it feel?
Our record leaked in the middle of March and it seemed like a wave of Europeans downloaded the album frantically and were really responding to it. Countries like Portugal, Spain, Greece, Italy, France and Germany even more so. I think it's really amazing how through the internet, we are all so connected by these invisible lines of communication and all information seems to be instantaneous. The idea of someone in Portugal taking the time to discover us and listen to the record is an honor and it's really the best part of doing this.

-What do you know about our country?
It's the western most point of Europe and is quite visually stunning and beautiful as is the native Portuguese language.

-Any plans to play here someday?
There are many things I would really love to do, playing in Portugal and learning Portuguese would definitely be on that list!

-Do you want to leave a final message to our readers ?
People of Portugal and Europe, please enjoy the record! We did it all for you!

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