terça-feira, 22 de fevereiro de 2011

Interview with Bombay Bicycle Club

Após ter colocado a entrevista exclusiva aos Bombay Bicycle Club em Português(bbc), aqui fica o conteudo da mesma para os leitores internacionais do Musica Escrita.

After a great 2010, what do you expect from 2011?
We'd like to finish this album, it's hard to really have any other goals until we've done that.

You´re working on a new record. Can you tell us when it´s going to come out ?
we'd like it to come out in september, we've done a good chunk of the album, just looking for the final flourishes.

After two albuns, one electric and one acoustic, it´s time to go electric again ?
It's definitely time to pick up our axes and wail.

Live concerts or studio recording ?
I think we all prefer playing live, we're definitely a better live band than studio band.

What was your best gig so far ?
Well we all enjoyed playing in Brazil last year, and the first time we played Reading Festival will always be special.

What do you know about Portugal ?
I know that Britain has always had strong bonds with Portugal and we've been allies for hundreds of years, i read an article about it in History Today last week. Hopefully we can come and learn some more of the history.

Are in your plans playing here someday ?
We'd love to

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