domingo, 13 de fevereiro de 2011

Interview with Campfire Ok

Após publicar a entrevista aos Campfire Ok na lingua de Camões (cfok), aqui fica o texto original, para que todos os leitores internacionais possam usufruir da mesma.

Introduce us Campfire Ok....
We are Campfire Ok, a band from Seattle Washington playing as much music as we can.

Who are your influences ?
We as a group have a vast number of influences ranging from jazz greats like Thelonius Monk and Count Basie to more modern groups like Radiohead and Arcade Fire. I would say we are most influenced by music that revolves around traditional acoustic instruments. We all love electronic music but it tends to not be as large of an influence on us compared to music with guitar, acoustic drums and so forth. There is a special talent and passion that it takes to learn an instrument like that. Those things influence us more than anything.

"Strange Like We Are" is out now. Any special reason for this album title ?
To be honest, Strange Like We Are chose itself. It was a song and attitude that we all gravitated towards, so it seemed fitting that would be the title of the album. Since choosing the title, the meaning has grown to a multitude of things. It is quite a special name to us.

Everybody seems to love your record pretty much. How does it feel ?
Firstly, thank you. We really cannot express enough how much gratitude we have for everyone who purchases the album and tells us that they love it.
Secondly, it feels great. It is a feeling we would never give up. The album is getting to people in a way that we had never imagined and we love it.

Where can we buy it ?
You can buy the album on most major electronic distributing websites like itunes and such. We have links to the places you can purchase the album on our website which is,
We decided to distribute our album almost completely digitally so we could reach a larger number of people while wasting less material. Our record label Ana-Them Records was a huge proponent of the idea. We all want to be more responsible about the amount of material we use.

You played your songs live recently. How did the people react ?
Yes, we just had our CD release show last weekend. It was an amazing show. People we so excited to be there and finally see us perform live. The crowd was amazing, the theater was over capacity and we were loving it.

European shows are in your horizons ?
Yes! We are currently talking with a couple of European booking agencies about when to go overseas and where we will be playing. We should hopefully be there within the year. We would love to tour Europe as much as possible. Especially Portugal.

Do you know anything about Portugal ?
I personally know a small amount about Portugal. I traveled there in 2001 and fell in love with your country. The food, wine, and people were absolutely amazing. It is a special place and I hope to travel there many more times.

Any last words for the Portuguese readers ?
Yes. Thank you!!!! We hope to see you very soon!

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