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Cold Showers " We´re recording the album in August " (interview)

After the post about California´s Cold Showers debut studio "Highlands" (ep), Musica Escrita is proud to present an exclusive interview to Portugal with Jonathan Harry Weinberg (Matzah)

Introduce us Cold Showers..
Cold Showers is a collective attempt to satisfy the creative urges and ambitions of four close friends. We live in Los Angeles.

Who are your major influences ?
Metallica, Christian Death, Monochrome Set, The Chills, OMD, Devo, The Baroques, Beau Brummels and many many more. We're all inspired by different music.

"Highlands" makes your studio debut. Tell us about it.
We recorded it with a good friend of ours, Rob Barbato. A very talented producer, musician, and all around good human being. Look him up!

"I Don´t Mind" is a very good song and will probably figure in my final list for best song this year....
"I Don't Mind" is one of our favorite songs too. Glad you like it.

What have inspired you to make that amazing video for the track ?
Our keyboard player, Brian, is an extremely talented video artist. He had the idea and we all executed it together with the help of our friends.

Can we expect a full-lenght soon ?
We're recording it in August. We'll see.

You have a show scheduled for San Diego on friday. Expectations for that gig.....
We have a lot of friends in San Diego, including the band we're playing with, Young Prisms. I'm sure it'll be fun.

How does it feel, knowing that someone in Portugal are listening to your music ?
That's the best part of this interview. We hope to visit at some point.

What do you know about our country ?
Not much. Our drummer, Renee, is of Portuguese descent and our keyboard player, Brian, had a Portuguese Spanish teacher in high school.

Plans to play here someday ?

Do you want to leave a final message for our readers ?
Make music you like. Have fun. Read the news.

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