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Matt Flag " Everything is Dancing it is as near to perfect as we could get " ( Interview with Fair Ohs )

The debut album from London based The Fair Ohs (everything) will be able next monday.
Musica Escrita spoke with Matt Flagg (bass) about it and other stuff.

I took a look on your blog. That questions are really like an interview but for those that haven´t been there, can you introduce the band ?
The band is made of:
Eddy, who plays guitar and sings the most. He looks good in short shorts and loves the shape of his leg muscles. He also runs Dream Beach Record which has recently put out the hip shakingly good Nguuni Lovers Lovers 7".
Joe plays drums and also moonlights in a few other bands, including his own 80's electronic sould group, The One, which is real sexy time music.
Matt plays bass and has a profound love for being a professional amateur. He enjoys re-runs of America's Next Top Model and releasing audio cassettes on Suplex Cassettes.

Who are your major influences ?
I can only speak for myself, but i think we might all agree that we all love music ingeneral, regardless of where or when it came from. We all grew up with some grounding in the punk scene and the DIY ethics whihc has led us to self releasing our own records and doing most band things ourselves. We could just be control freaks, but lets just say its the inner punk in us. But we don't feel constrained by the limits that punk can put on your musical output. We started off laying down our love for Deep Wound, then we threw in some Billy Childish love and now some of the music from around the world we all dig. Its all good. This is why bands like The Clash are so important to me, they did what they wanted whilst still coming from a punk background. Watch the three of us go if 'Lost In The Supermarket' is played.

First single have a very good video. Who come out with the idea ?
Eddy came up with the idea of a fat Batman stuffing his face with ribs whilst his twink Robin was cooking int he background. It was before the supremely talented (and handsome) Dave Ma offered to help out, so it started out as just one long, slow, grossed out shot. Dave took this and made it a love story, which makes me sad and happy everythime i see it.

Tell us about "Everything is Dancing" the album......
It is as near to perfect as we could get. 10 songs, some happy, some sad but all can be danced too.

Where can we buy it ?
It is coming out on our own label, Honey High Records, for everyone in the UK and Europe on Vinyl (June) and CD (July). Go here and click the link to order.
It is being released in America on Lefse Records (Neon Indian, Ganglians) who have the pre-order up already for the Vinyl and CD with tape coming soon too. www.lefserecords.bigcartel.com
In Japan it is on Rallye Klee label who will be doing a nice version on Digipack CD - www.rallye-label.com
If you live anywhere between these places you can order from Honey High, we ship anywhere in the world.

The internet is an important way to promote your music ?
Sometimes, but a few years ago eveyone thought that not having a myspace page foro your band was suicide, now it is just an inconvient and annoying website that we do not update? If your record is good and liked then people will pick up on it and tell their friends or put it on their blog or come to a show. The internet can make this easier and give you an international presence from your bedroom, but good music should still be the reason.

Who are you listenig to at the moment ?
I (Matt) am listening to the new Akron/Family album which is blowing my tiny mind. I'm also wigging out to the following:
Zomes, Wrangler Brutes, Weird Dreams, Sauna Youth, Tu Segall, Tune Yards, Thee Oh Sees, Skull Defekts, Sex/Vid, Cult Ritual, Aerosols, Raekwon, J Dilla, MF Doom, Odd Future, Jefferson Airplane, Personal & The Pizzas, Rex, Tortoise, Eddy Current, UV Race, Fergus and Geronimo, Trogons, Nguuni Lovers Lovers, Indestructible Sound of Soweto, Daniel AIU HIggs, Cloudland canyons, Cold Pumas, The B'52's, REM, Ale Mania, The Ronettes, James Brown, The Milkshakes, Deep Wound, Metronomy, Godheadsilo, Emperor, Immortal and Mount Eerie.

How do you feel, knowing that someone in Portugal is paying attention to your songs ?
Happy anyone anywhere likes our songs. Even happier when they fly us out to play shows for them.

What do you know about our country ?
It has beaches, it is next to Spain, British people like to holiday there and i would like to come visit.

Do you plan to play here someday ?
Depends, if someone invites us, we will come.

A final message for our readers.....
Hey, buying our record will get us out of debt and we will then be able to put out more records and hopefully come play for you.
If you do not like, the opposite will happen. Your choice Portugal.

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