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James Bennett " We're taking things one step at a time " ( exclusive interview with Mozart Parties )

James Bennett is the name behind Mozart Parties, project that had been listed on NME´s "Best new bands of 2011" and have a really amazing song called "Black Cloud" on my radar.
James give an exclusive interview to Musica Escrita and reveals is influences, the power of the internet and even is knowledge about our country (Portugal). Enjoy it.........(Portuguese version will be able tomorrow).

When did you start this project ?
Around July 2010

Who are your major influences ?
Wagner...Magnetic Fields...Deerhunter... Too many to mention!

How do you describe your sound ?
Wilderness Pop. 'Wildo-pop'.

Being at NME´s "Best new band" list was a good effort to your career ?
Yeah, it was really exciting. Hopefully it will start off something special.

You played Manchester's Deaf Institute a few weeks ago. How did the people reacted to your songs ?
Hard to tell - there was so few people there! But there was a positive response afterward I think.

When you play live, the band grows to five persons. What is the best part of it ?
The recordings are quite heavily produced, so it's really exciting to hear the songs in a totally different way - like the live drums for example. It's the same joy any band gets I guess, being able to bounce off 4 other people rather than do it all yourself.

Everybody´s talking about "Black Cloud". How does it feel ?
Great! It's been in the pipeline for a long time, and I think the reaction has been pretty good.

Can we expect a record soon ?
We're taking things one step at a time at the moment, I don't think that's something that will happen for a while.

Do you think the internet is a good way to promote your music ?
It's an incredible way to promote it. You can moan all you want about illegal downloading - but the simple fact is that any music fan can discover infinitely more bands than ever before just my getting online. How can that not be a good thing?

Who are the bands you´re listening to at the moment ?
I really love The Antler's new record, Tuneyards, Gang Gang Dance, Maria Minerva. Also a lot of classical stuff - Shostakovich, Bartok, Rachmaninov...It's important to keep stimulated from all ends of the musical spectrum!

What do you know about Portugal ?
haha, not a lot I must say - I've never been. I enjoy a glass of Port now and then, which I suppose could be relevant? I also follow football very closely, so I'm aware that your nation broke English hearts twice in the last decade. As a Man. United fan you also gave us Ronaldo, so all is forgiven. And one more - I believe Panda Bear resides in Lisbon. Thats the extent of my knowledge.

Plans to play here someday ?
I hope to play anywhere that wants us.

A final message for our readers ?
Be Safe. And always listen to Mozart Parties.

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