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Emily Littler " Look out for our new album which we are working on at the moment ! " ( Interview with Street Chant )

Street Chant are a band from New Zealand and "Means"(2010) the album debut.
Now they´re working on a new full-lenght and Musica Escrita spoke with Emily Littler to know a little bit more about this "hard-pop" trio.

How did you started as a band ?
We started the band when Billie and I met at local shows, I had been wanting to start a band for a while and her dad had just found her a cheap bass at a flea market. We had a different drummer and different name and played shows for a while, where we played with our drummer Alexs old band and then he joined us and we changed out name.

Describe us your sound ?
We call it hard pop.

Who are your major influences ?
Bands like Sonic Youth, Husker Du, Nirvana, Black Sabbath, The 3Ds, The Clean, The Velvet Underground, Blur. We have really really broad music taste, so most things influence us but at the moment we are trying to make guitar pop music.

Bob Frisbee was the producer in your first album "Means". How it was working with him ?
It was really great. He is our friend and a really cool guy. It was lots of fun. We took a while to do it because we kept going on tour and going overseas so towards the end it got a bit stressful but it was exciting and a really fun time.

You won a prize in your country running against names like The Naked and Famous. It was a good effort to your career ?
We won somethings with that prize, like a voucher for musical instruments which is helpful. Since the Naked And Famous are so mainstream and popular it is just funny that we beat them.

You´ve been in US recently. How did it go ?
It was a lot of fun, we saw heaps of really great bands and it inspired us to get going recording our second album.

Best gig so far ?
When we supported The Dead Weather in Australia it was pretty great.

I´ve read somewhere you moved to Australia. Is that true ? Why ?
We haven't but since it is so close and cheap to get to, and since we have a lot of friends and family over there we go there often to get away from NZ which can be quite small. Its hard to play so much in NZ because the population is so small.

Do you think that internet is a good way to promote your music ?
Yes definitely, its helped us a lot!

Who are you listening to at the moment ?
Jeff The Brotherhood, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Pavement, Flower Travelin Band

What have change in your life since you started to play with Street Chant ?
To be more organised. Since we manage ourselves there is always something to be done, like emailing, doing banking etc

What do you know about Portugal ?
Not very much, apart from it looks very beautiful and you are good at soccer? There are a lot of fast food restaurants in NZ and Australia called "Nandos" which makes burgers, I would like to try some traditional Portuguese food.

Plans to play here someday ?
Hopefully someday! We might be around that area later this year.

Do you want to leave a final message for our readers ?
Thank you for your support and look out for our new album which we are working on at the moment!

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