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Jordan Gatesmith " We all feel very proud about what we are doing " ( Exclusive interview with Howler )

Howler is a band from Minneapolis that achieved last week a place of honour at NME´s list of  "50 Best New Bands of 2011", and have a new ep called "This One´s Different".
Musica Escrita managed to change a few words with the frontman Jordan Gatesmith, and he told us all the things that we have to know about a group that you have to look forward the next couple of months.

-Who are your major influences?
- We love a lot of 80s punk, like the Replacements, Black Flag, Big Black, Husker Du and stuff like that. But we also really enjoy 50's and 60's pop music. It's sort of a weird combination; we like writing pop songs, but we love them to be covered with fuzz.

How would you describe us your sound ?
-See above, pop songs covered in fuzz.

You have a new ep called "This One´s Different". Tell us about him....
- He was kind of a musical experiment. We were trying to reach out for a new sound in rock. We wanted to write music that pushed us in new directions.

Where can we buy it ?
-In Portugal? Holy shit. I have no idea. I think Rough Trade will release it on iTunes in the next month or so. I'll bet you all can find it there sometime soon...

You´re doing some live concerts. What does it feel, playing your songs for your fans ?
-It depends on the night. In our hometown of Minneapolis, we went sort of under the radar. No one knew who we were. So we've played a lot of empty shows. But since being signed to Rough Trade, people are coming out. And lately, live shows have become an amazing thing. Full of excitement.

Best gig so far ?
-Our EP release at 7th Street entry was our best gig. We bashed out a crazy set, and the place was packed. Ian (our guitarist) got way too drunk and puked all over the green room.

Being at NME ´s "Best new band" list is a great chance to put yourselves in the european "radar". What do you think about that ?
-It's just crazy. And a bit scary. We all feel very proud about what we are doing, and want to keep it up. It's motivation to continue to work as hard as we possibly can to write music that people will enjoy.

You´re currently working on your full lenght debut. Can we expect him to come out this year ?
-Probably early next year. I'm not very certain... But it is sounding pretty awesome!

Can you reveal is name to us already ? :))
-Haa, there is no name yet. We were thinking about calling it Beach Sluts... but maybe that's too out there.

Is the internet an important way to promote your music ?
-Ohhhhhhhh yes. Very important.

Who are the bands that you are into at the moment ?
I-'m super into Beat Happening, The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Velvet Underground, Pussy Galore and the Shangri Las.

What do you know about Portugal ?
-Hahahaha honestly, the only thing I know is that Ferdinand Magellan is from Portugal. He circumnavigated the world bro! You can tell I took 10th grade history eh?

Would you like to play here some day ?
-Hell Yeah! Portugal would be an awesome place to play!

Any final words to our readers ?
-Yes. Brush your teeth twice a day. And I will puke on all of your dads. Watch out.

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